Stockholm UAM Lab

Large scale and regular drone traffic
in urban environments
for social services

Developing drones for the distribution of social beneficial products and services in an urban environment presents a complex challenge that demands new airspace infrastructure. How will they be allowed to move, and how can they be integrated into the social structure? What are the possibilities and limitations for creating new, large-scale and secure infrastructure? To explore how an open testbed can play a key role in the development of this infrastructure, a feasibility study is currently underway where the aim is to establish the Stockholm UAM Lab (previously known as Urban Drone Testbed) in Kista, Stockholm. The prestudy is conduted together with Ericsson, the City of Stockholm, Telia Company, Swedish CAA, Linköpings University, KTH SMLRISE Drone Center Swedenthe Swedish Transport Administration, Globhe

The goal of Stockholm UAM Lab is to contribute to sustainable and connected city development by creating the conditions for brand-new, secure services and business sectors where drones are made a natural part of the urban environment.


Towards the elevated, sustainable & livable society

Stockholm UAM Lab will focus on:

  • People – integrity, risc, noise
  • Airspace – corridors, slot system
  • Route – p2p or streat grid – when & why
  • Infrastructure – charging, start/landning, radar, counter drones
  • Buildings – high rise, wind holes, facades
  • City radio noise – IoT, mobile networks, autonomous vehicles
  • Existing mobile networks capacity and reach

And, as everyone else, we will also have to deal with:

  • 4G LTE/5G
  • UTM
  • Policy
  • Noise

Use-Case areas

Fast drones – when it is a question about seconds
– Drone heart starter
– Transportation of blood and organs

Drones with long endurance
– Inspection of road surface quality and signs
– Measure and identify emissions of different kind (particles, fluids, smoke pillars aso)
– Traffic surveillance (national system)

Strong drones
– Lift heavy objects in narrow spaces
– Carry heavy equipment

The prestudy is ongoing and will be finished this summer. The result will be a full application for establishing the testbed.

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Project plan

Every project in the Urban ICT Arena has a project plan where we make sure that our criterias and aims are fullfilled.
Download the Urban Drone Testbed Project plan here! (pdf)