Blog post 24/4 2016

Day before web launch

I have been finishing the final touches on the website before launch from home this really cold and wretched April Sunday.

Tomorrow our @NotBoring5GBike will appear in public for the first time. And I will be on stage in Kista to present Urban ICT Arena and moderate the Mayor of Stockholm and the Chairman of the Electrum Foundation during the Groundbreaking Ceremony for Stokab’s basic IT infrastructure in the testbed. And people will be able to try out the first 5G-enabled driverless buses along Kistagången. These are exciting times, there is doubt about it!

Sitting here, I feel how grateful I am to everyone who made this possible. With joy I hereby send you all a huge THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. This project is so great and the fact that we are making it happen together is a key objective and lays the foundations for success!


Two very close and special peeps are Markus Bylund @ SICS Swedish ICT and Rasmus Larsson @ Äktafejk. This would never have happened without you guys!

/Petra Dalunde

Article written by Petra Dalunde