The City of Stockholm

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Founding Partner

City of Stockholm advocates the importance of efficient public services and considers this a key factor for creating a thriving city with equal opportunities for all Stockholmers to achieve their dreams. Efficient public services should be characterized by a common desire to prioritize the different needs and preferences of citizens. The city has a responsibility to provide support and assistance in everyday life. It should be easy for all of our citizens to apply for permits, find their way around town and run errands around the clock. As part of our efforts to achieve this goal, the City of Stockholm offers e-services that make it more convenient than ever to be a resident of Stockholm.

Towers in Kista

Stockholm’s superb fiber

network plays a crucial part in laying the foundations for our e-services. The goal of the city’s fiber network is to build competitively neutral infrastructure capable of meeting future communication needs, spurring economic activity, diversity and freedom of choice, and minimizing disruption to the city’s streets. The fiber network in Stockholm is provided and administered by Stokab, a company owned by Stockholm City Council.
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Night in Kista

Actions within Urban ICT Arena

Stockholm is growing fast. One million people will live in the City of Stockholm by 2020. The city needs to plan for and ensure sustainable building and an integrated city where everyone has equal opportunities. The City of Stockholm’s vision, A Stockholm for Everyone, has a distinct overall perspective on social, environmental, economic and democratic sustainability. According to the vision, Stockholm will be the smartest city in the world by 2040 and Kista will continue to play a leading role in global ICT development. Stockholm will be a city that harnesses the possibilities of digitalization to make life simpler and better for its citizens, companies and visitors. Stockholm can and will be a role model for the environmentally friendly, economically and democratically sustainable society via ICT innovations and new technology.

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Contributions to Urban ICT Arena

The City of Stockholm is the main investor in the arena. The city’s subsidiary Stokab, provides the base ICT infrastructure for the testbed along Kistagången. The City of Stockholm also provides startup funds for the Electrum Foundation.

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Article written by Petra Dalunde