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Urban ICT Arena’s open testbed, which aims to showcase both wired and wireless technologies and to serve as a platform for innovation. The testbed consists of several types of IT infrastructure supplied and operated by contributing partners, and which are openly accessible to Project Owners. Read more about becoming a Project Owner here.

3d map of testbed
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Urban ICT Arena’s testbed features:
• Stokab’s dark fiber, which serves as the IT infrastructure base (around 15 access points in the Kista area – see figure) – to be used by all different types of projects
• S:t Erik Kommunikation’s WiFi and IP/Ethernet access – for projects targeting applications and solutions supporting the City of Stockholm and its departments
• Ericsson’s 5G POC network – for projects focusing on next generation radio applications
• Itrons 6LoWPAN mesh network – for projects exploring early adoption of IoT solutions
• Telia’s WiFi
• and more.

The testbed is

made available to Project Owners to create opportunities for innovation and progress. If you would like to be a part of this open and innovative ecosystem, go to http://www.urbanictarena.se/project-application-form/ and fill out your application today.

If you would like to start a project and use IT infrastructure, please contact the infrastructure provider of your choice to initiate contact, propose your project and reach an agreement.




Ericsson has a 5G Proof of Concept (PoC) network in Kista that will be made available to UICTA partners for exploring innovations. The idea behind this is to provide a dedicated network where users from academia, research and industry, Read more




Glowing fiber on road


Urban ICT Arena’s dark fiber network is owned by Stokab. Fiber optics is by far the fastest technology for data transmission. The single-mode fibers used by Stokab have low attenuation, support communication over long distances and enable very high Read more


telia wifi

Commercial WiFi

Urban ICT Arena will feature 15 WiFi access points that together will form a Read more




LoRaWAN is a low power wide area network technology designed for internet of things (IoT) applications in urban and other environments. Digital Nordix and RISE have entered into a strategic partnership to enable customers to experience LoRaWAN services. DNX Read more



2G – Open 1800

The OPEN 1800 is infrastructure for development and education as well as SMEs, providing 2G technology for easy and low-threshold costs. The service is operated by Wireless@KTH, VNL/Omoco and Read more




mediasense strcuture


MediaSense is an Internet-of-Things platform for seamless, scalable data sharing, which works for peer-to-peer communication via a heterogeneous network overlay. MediaSense avoids a central failure point, is scalable for Read more



Bumbee labs

At Urban ICT Arena, Bumbee Labs will install an analysis system with intelligent algorithms for positioning of visitor flows. The installation will cover Kistagången from Kistagallerian to Kistamässan and Read more



6LoWPAN Itron

Silver Spring Networks are pleased to offer Project Owners in Urban ICT Arena access to both the SilverLink wireless Read more


ibm bluemix

Bluemix Cloud Platform

Bluemix™ is the latest cloud offering from IBM®. It enables organizations and developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, Read more


urban drone lab

Urban Drone Lab

At the Urban Drone Lab, potential positive use cases of drones are developed, tested and showcased in areas such as environment, health, digitalization and autonomous transportation. The testbed and Read more

urban drone lab

Narrowband IoT

Telia is now operating a Narrowband IoT-network in Kista! The network is now up and running and ready for your participation. The network can be used for any type Read more

Article written by Petra Dalunde