Supporting Partner Program

Open for applications

Become a Supporting Partner

A Supporting Partner contributes a total value of SEK 100,000 to the arena annually.


Supporting Partners are represented on the Urban ICT Arena Steering Committee by two representatives appointed for all Supporting Partners. They also have the opportunity to submit an annual opinion on the operational plan of the Founding Partners through the Steering Committee. Supporting Partners are allowed to start five projects every twelve months.

Supporting Partner Badge

More benefits

A distinguished red Supporting Partner Badge on the Urban ICT Arena website. Supporting Partners are also entitled to participate and play an active role in events organized by Urban ICT Arena, a certain degree of logo exposure in connection with Urban ICT Arena, their own page at, reserved spaces at workshops, seminars and roundtable discussions organized under the auspices of Urban ICT Arena, opportunities to participate in strategic roundtable discussions with the Founding Partners and more.

Contact Petra Dalunde for current details about Supporting Partnership.

Article written by UrbanICTArena