Student Proposals for Urban Innovation in Kista

The Urban ICT Arena in Kista is a world-leading example of how ICT is being used to upgrade and enhance urban infrastructure services. Master’s students in the Urban Infrastructure course at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology were asked to develop imaginative and creative proposals for the Urban ICT Arena through a combination of technological innovation and urban development. The groups identified specific urban problems and then drew on examples from around the world to develop context-specific proposals for Kista. The projects ranged from using drones to enhance public safety and to create heat maps of buildings to developing comprehensive apps to enhance participation and socialization. As a whole, the proposals demonstrate the opportunities and challenges involved in using ICT to make cities more sustainable, resilient and liveable.

Read the proposals here!

A Hub for Virtual Experiences in Art and Education



Connected Indoor Urban Garden


Urban Connection


Petra Dalunde, COO at Urban ICT Arena: “It is important to have a stable and open relationship with research and students in a testbed and co-creation arena at all times. The distance and barriers between academia, business and public sector has to be removed and the collaboration needs to become natural to enable tests and verification of good ideas without delay. This is a very good example of how you can accomplish that.”

Andy Karvonen, professor at KTH, adds: “The Urban ICT Arena is an ideal platform for students to propose creative and imaginative ideas about sustainable cities. Digitalisation has quickly emerge as a driving force of innovation in cities. The proposals created by KTH students demonstrate the vast possibilities for using cutting edge technologies to improve urban life.”


Please contact Andy Karvonen () if you have any questions or if you would like to provide feedback on the proposals.

Article written by Klas Mattsson