Stockholm Discovery


In collaboration with Stockholm Discovery, we can offer our international guests an experienced guide who is initiated and has a long experience of our business.
Marco Giertz has a is well involved in the innovation system and Kista Science City, and through the company Stockholm Discovery, he acts as a guide for approximately 50 international delegations each year.

We are happy to anounce that Stockholm Discovery is a Supporting Partner to Urban ICT Arena.

So far 2019, we have welcomed delegations from every continent. The visitors are often investors or representatives from big corperations. This is a great opportunity for showcasing our unique testbed and for the companies involved in it. Our agreement with Stockholm Discovery means that we can further strenghten this part of our organisation.

The map shows where delegations are from – for 2019 alone.


To read more about Stockholm Discovery, head over to their website.


Article written by Klas Mattsson