Project Owner Program

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Become a project owner

There are several different ways to become a Project Owner. First, you can team up with a Founding Partner. It won’t cost you anything in that case. You can team up with a Supporting Partner as well. That will also get you in for free. If you don’t have a connection with any of these partners, the cost of starting a project to use infrastructure is SEK 20,000 for every twelve months.

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Start a project

Here are some criteria that you need to meet before you can start a project:

First, you have to show how the project contributes to one or more of Urban ICT Arena’s overall aims: developing sustainable cities, boosting innovation in the region and securing the jobs of tomorrow.

You must demonstrate that you will respect other the projects and the IT infrastructure.

You must describe your project’s positioning in the arena and in general. This is because we want you to be aware of what is already going on so you can learn from it and also connect with other Project Owners that are working on similar things.

You are required to describe how you plan to communicate about the project and Urban ICT Arena and what communication expectations you have from Urban ICT Arena in regards to you and your project.

You need to provide an estimate of what results from your project you will be able to donate to Urban ICT Arena (to be added to the arena’s knowledge database). This could be a network, a report, an experience or results. It depends on what is best for the project and the Project Owners.

You will have to demonstrate that you have an active IT infrastructure agreement with the owner of the IT infrastructure of your choice.

Your project must demonstrate how it is digitally sustainable.


Project Owners have access to the entire IT infrastructure (no additional cost), the Meeting Place, including seminars, occasional roundtable discussions, events and Kista Mentorspace. The Project Platform built and provided by IBM and the Display Window are also available to Project Owners.

Pproject Owner Badge

More benefits

A hot orange Project Owner Badge on the Urban ICT Arena website and some administrative support from Urban ICT Arena when needed.

Article written by UrbanICTArena