Project Application Form

Would you like to conduct a project or provide infrastructure?

To join the open testbed in Urban ICT Arena and run your own project – or provide IT Infrastructure of sort – within the testbed you need to show how your project a) contributes to one or more of the overall aims – Sustainable Cities, secure future jobs and strengthen innovation in the region read more, b) is #NotBoring and c) is digitally sustainable .

Please download and fill in the ProjectApplicationForm and send it to .

Note that there is an administrative fee of 20 000 SEK (per 12 months) if you wish to run a project in the testbed. However, if you are running the project together with a Founding Partner or Supporting Partner there is no cost.

Once you have filled in your application form these are the following steps:
1. Email your application to
Within two weeks you will have a reply from us.
3. Now we’ll book a start meeting with you.
4. Once the project plan is approved and agreed upon, we’ll provide you with
a project agreement and set you up with the relevant contacts.
5. You are now good to go!

The remaining steps except running the project is to communicating the project and afterwards the project evaluation.


Article written by Petra Dalunde