NotBoring – the method

OK, so you are interested in our Not Boring method? Here we go!

First you assemble the people you need to get going. Then ask yourself:

 How could we do this in a Not Boring way?

Since no one knows what Not Boring, is there are no wrong answers, which opens the door for really interesting proposals. When you have agreed on “How”, it’s time for the next step where you ask yourself:

 What would be a Not Boring result?

Again, being Not Boring allows the really valuable out-of-the-box suggestions to turn up. What would be unexpected, really valuable, fun or even crazy? Once this has been decided, too, it is time to define:

  • Who do we need to bring on board to make it happen?
  • What resources are needed?
  • What activities in what order need to happen?

There you go! Now you have a project plan for a Not Boring project!

Article written by Petra Dalunde