#NotBoring project Fair data! will take place in Urban ICT Arena, 2017-2019!

The Founding Partner RISE ICT /Acreo has gotten approved funding for the #NotBoring project Fair data! that will take place in Urban ICT Arena 2017-2019.

The goal of the project is to create business development based on user data which promotes trust from legislative, ethical and business requirements and thereby lay the foundation for a privacy certification.

The project leader Christina Lagerstedt tells us a bit about what this means:

The project Fair data! means that we will work with our partners for instance Bumbee labs (Supporting Partner) to understand their technical setup and data requirements. Bumbee labs will contribute with their knowledge within positioning, legislation and technique. They are partners in this project because they want to develop more services together with partners and contribute to the development of this privacy certification in order to make use of public data to a greater extent without putting privacy in danger.

Christina tells us that they are already considering a step 3 and produce the actual privacy certification. The project will also take a look at how what new business development it could generate and what kind of new products that their customers are interested in.

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Article written by Naod Abera