Not Boring 5G Bike in Almedalen

Petra Dalunde with the NotBoring5GBIKE at Almedalen
Petra Dalunde with the Not Boring 5G Bike at Almedalen.

Last week I was on the scene for Almedalen Week on Gotland. Almedalen Week is an annual event that takes place in early July (week 27) in and around Almedalen, a park in the city of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland.

Almedalen Week consists of speeches, seminars and other political activities and is considered the most important forum in Swedish politics.

This event is absolutely incredible because everyone is there, relaxed and dressed in casual clothing, sort of like a pre-vacation. Things that normally take months to resolve or make happen can be done in a matter of minutes. The event is also an amazing melting pot of knowledge where you are updated on all the latest instantly. AND the Not Boring 5G Bike got to be the center of attention at panels, workshops and seminars about testbeds and digitalization.

When the week finally came to an end, we had at least five new prospective Supporting and Project Partners: an architecture firm, a consulting firm, an energy company, a global giant, a municipality and a whole region. Seven meetings have been booked in the calendar and almost thirty follow-up emails have been sent.

We also learned that testbeds are talked about but the ones with activity are rare. The word cooperation was named in every second sentence but no one described how. This makes us believe that we really have a purpose to fulfill in the sense of breaking new ground and sharing all the insights we make during this amazing journey we are on together to grow Urban ICT Arena.


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Article written by Naod Abera