Nobel Center

The new home of the Nobel Prize

We are creating the Nobel Center on the Blasieholmen peninsula in the heart of Stockholm to foster an open environment where people are welcome to come and learn more about the Nobel Prize. The center will host public activities such as exhibitions, school programs, scientific conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions and other meetings. The building is designed by David Chipperfield and Christoph Felger. We plan to open the new center in 2020.

Actions within Urban ICT Arena

Nobelhuset AB’s mission is to plan, design and build the Nobel Center on Blasieholmen in Stockholm and then own and manage the building.

Digitalization is anticipated to affect the planning of the environment in the building and the use of the premises. Nobelhuset believes it is necessary to have access to knowledge of the opportunities of digitalization.

Nobelhuset joined Urban ICT Arena to get access to the platform and the networks within the arena’s sphere of interest in terms of collaboration, technological development and innovation in an urban environment linked to the construction project.

Another aim is to collaborate with Urban ICT Arena to demonstrate the importance of the Nobel Center for research and science in Stockholm, Sweden and the world.

Projects 2017

Live drawings of building with new technology
Live drawings and pictures of the building will be made using exciting new technology, including 3D models and virtual reality showrooms. We plan to use a workshop with young entrepreneurs to generate ideas and test solutions that can later be put to good use in any of the stages to come. Nobelhuset is involved in the presentation of the project and the initial materials to start with.

Digital strategy
A comprehensive digital strategy for the Nobel Center must be based on the vision and objectives of the project as a whole. The digital strategy must go hand in hand with the vision and other strategic concepts which are not yet polished.

We plan to use a brainstorming workshop with young entrepreneurs to present the plans so far and get new ideas to serve as inspiration for our own work. What is a digital strategy? What should the content be about? Where is the cutting edge in infrastructure and digital solutions for museums/mixed sites, such as the Nobel Center?

Blue Line
We would like to continue collaborating on the Blue Line project, which is coordinated between Järva and the Nobel Center. We would like to put in place a couple concrete initiatives that can be implemented in 2017 in preparation for the construction project.

Present Nobel Center
We would like to have access to nodes for one or two unifying presentations of what the Nobel Center is all about and what it means to Stockholm, Sweden and the world.

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Article written by Petra Dalunde