MWC2018 – what did you expect?

Mobile World Congress 2018 – what did you expect?

We discovered that MWC2018 gives you so much more! It has everything you would expect along with a lot of stuff you didn’t even know existed, in whatever forms mobile communication can take – all in abundance in eight halls with a total floor area of 240 000 sqm. Stand after stand of one´s and zero´s, radio waves, apps, antennas and base stations. More than 3000 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors expected in four days hurrying from pavilion to stand and meeting to meeting, through endless corridors, surveilled by CROWD MANAGERS.

In the Swedish Pavilion alone, there are more than 70 Swedish companies on site, which means that the number of companies represented at MWC could be so many, many more. And if you’re here to learn by listening, you’ll find more than 500 conference sessions, not including partner sessions.

Thanks to the relationship between THINGS and Urban ICT Arena, Åke and I finally got to experience MWC in person! It was actually Magnus Melander and his super cool team that incorporated us into their already excellent Swedish IoT SMSE.

Some of the other Not Boring stuff was “make your own emoji avatar” “run your own avatar in the streets of New York immersive experience” and “get my heat map portrait”.

Yes, this is Åke!

The Ericsson pavillion was incredibly impressive and very pedagogical. If you’re a customer, you can get down to business in an instant. We’ve never experienced value created so fast and accessiblly before. We managed to catch CEO Börje Ekholm doing an interview in front of our project AUTOPILOTEN on the main frame.

Oh, btw, we were treated to a really yummy fika in the Ericsson pavilion – actually a yummy E-fika! 🙂

Thanks for the coffee!!!

Peace out from Petra & Åke in a snowy (!) Barcelona

Article written by Petra Dalunde