We’re launching Ignite Public

In collaboration with Ignite Sweden, with funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and other partners, we are now launching our initiative Ignite Public

Ignite Public will strive to increase collaboration and business between small enterprises and the public sector in Sweden. Historically, the public sector has not been at the forefront of adopting new innovative solutions presented by small and medium-sized enterprises. But this is about to change.

The initiative builds upon Ignite Sweden’s successful model for matching startups with large corporates to create new business opportunities. But this initiative also take into account the procurement regulations the public sector must adhere to.

In addition to matchmaking between startups and the public sector, Ignite Public will also disseminate results and experience to a broader audience in the public sector to inspire them to think differently and challenge the status quo, spark interest in closer collaboration with startups and look beyond traditional public procurement claims.

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Article written by Urban Arena