Kista Mobility Week 2019 – a call for action

Kista Mobility Week 2019 is getting closer. Now is the time to submit your plans. Kista Mobility Week has been a staple in Kista Science City since 2016 – it is without a doubt the most exciting week every year. This time it’s bigger than ever – Ericsson and the City of Stockholm will, together with Drive Sweden and Viable Cities and other partners, showcase the future of city mobility. This will provide an opportunity for our partners to showcase and participate with their exciting technology and ideas.

But we have to move quick! If you are interested in participating, please get in touch with . The deadline is April 24. The main focuses areas will be 5G, Ethical AI, showcasing smart city use-cases, Consumer perspective and Policy.

Urban ICT Arena will be a co-organizer for the event. We’d love to show all the exciting stuff that happens in our environment.

There will be an innovation cloud during the event – please contact Sara if you have any questions.

Article written by Klas Mattsson