Kista Mentorspace


Kista Mentorspace is a dynamic platform for organizing knowledge exchange between managers and mentors who design and conduct makerspace activities in Kista. In the context of Urban ICT Arena in Kista, a mentorspace is an event where contributors from academia, industry and the community learn and work together on a project or subject area of common interest.


The characteristics of a mentorspace are interesting because the working method enables a very broad degree of community inclusion. The most important of these characteristics are as follows:

Contributors in a

mentorspace work together in an applied and hands-on fashion. They work with a wide range of materials and tools to exchange knowledge and invent, experiment, and develop prototype ideas.


A mentorspace provides

resources that allow individuals to be innovative. A core value of a makerspace is that all people are capable of innovation and will innovate if they are in an environment that is designed to support this.

A topic, skill,

project, or problem of common interest serves as the center of attention in a mentorspace. Contributors surround this center and work together in an applied manner to accomplish goals. Contributors are equal in this space given that there is no central authority with superior knowledge. All that is central is the topic or problem under consideration.


Given that there is

no central authority of any kind in a mentorspace, contributors in a mentorspace can work together without having to consider details that are irrelevant to the topic, skill, project, or problem at the center of attention. People contribute regardless of their age, gender, country of origin, language, title, academic achievements, or office. As a result, Kista Mentorspace has the ability to reduce the mental distances between groups of people.

Kista Mentorspace events are held in open, freely accessible and welcoming spaces associated with knowledge exchange. Kista Public Library is an excellent example of such a place. This practice enables Kista Mentorspace to play a part in reducing the physical distances between groups of people living in the greater Kista area as well.

To get in contact with Kista Mentorspace, email professor Mark Smith at KTH.


Article written by Petra Dalunde