Blog: The Importance of IRL Meetings

Before I started working in the digitalization business I was convinced that connectivity would mean that we don’t need to meet IRL anymore. It felt natural and a bit sad.

Surprisingly enough it is in fact the absolute opposite.

It has never been more important to meet and greet live. The last example that confirmed this was when we hosted a lunch for the network Wireless@KTH that consists of SME ICT companies in Kista Science City, a couple of weeks ago. I am conducting a prestudy to build a testbed for large scale regular drone traffic in urban environments and have asked my owners for their contacts within this area. I thought I had gotten them.

To my surprise, in comes a professor from Wireless that has a whole research team that works with networks for drones. I immediately drafted her to my steering committee and silently wondered why no one has pointed at her in the first place and how fortunate I am that we met anyhow. I interpret it as a sign of me doing the right thing, in the right time at the right place. Ask, and thou shall receive…

–Petra Dalunde, Chief Operating Officer, Urban ICT Arena

Have you heard about Wireless@KTH? If not, please let me enlighten you briefly. KTH is the Royal Institute of Technology. Wireless@KTH is a research center in “Mobile Systems for Mobile Services” – funded by Vinnova that together with researchers at KTH and its industry partners is developing this key field for Stockholm and Sweden. Read more over at their website.

Article written by Petra Dalunde