Ignite Public

What do start-ups and the public sector have in common? From our perspective – not nearly enough. The public sector is missing out on new innovations and a lot of sustainable and clever solutions never come to fruition. This is why we’re launching Ignite Public, a pilot project targeted at the public sector. But for this project to work, we need to get in touch with different parts of the public sector – you present the problems and we provide the solutions.

What is Ignite Public?

Ignite Public is pilot project run by Ignite Sweden and Kista Science City with funding from the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket). The project builds on the model developed by Ignite Sweden for corporate and startup collaboration. With well-proven tools the project will identify challenges, and match these with new innovations and solutions from start-ups.

The project is in its pilot stage, and we are interested in hearing from you. Please contact for more information.

Article written by Klas Mattsson