#hackyourworld in NOD 12th April


Ericsson and IBM organize the annual hackathon – #hackyourworld – in collaboration with Drivhuset and three upper secondary schools: Åva GymnasiumStockholm Science and Innovation School and Kista Gymnasium. The purpose of #hackyourworld is to encourage students to use technology to develop social solutions and solve problems in society. It all happens at NOD, Borgarfjordsgatan 12 in Kista from 8 AM to 8 PM!




Barbros Änglar/SSIS-2 Green Turtle. A solution to make it funny and attractive for young people to recycle bottles and thus form a habit and reinforce positive recycling behavior. Their method was to put a small screen in front of the vending machine where you can display pictures or short animations or films that encourage recycling.

Teknikvinnarna/IBM: NTI Berra Boys. They had a solution that can make learning languages easier with the help of pictures – for refugees and unaccompanied children.

Bäst Technology för Good/Ericsson: SportUp – NTI/Ctrl-C. They had a solution for making it easy to find information about and sign up for social, sports, cultural and leisure activities.

Bästa Pitch/Drivhuset: Recycling – NTI/Zplitter. Their idea also involved recycling.

Article written by Petra Dalunde