Urban ICT Arena visits Grow Smarter in Årsta

Kristian Gedal shows Naod Abera how the testbed is configured.

In the middle of July, me and my colleague Naod Abera visited the Grow Smarter project in Årsta, a part of the Stockholm City Smart Cities Lighthouse project. We were given a guided tour by Kristian Gedal who works at the Traffic Department’s Light Unit. He showed us the part where the City is testing how to utilize smart street lighting. It was really exciting. They have added new lampposts to the city environment that they use as bases for sensors, mesh networks and mobile networks in order to test capabilities for dimming the lights when no one is around to save energy. The lampposts are also connected to fiber, which makes it possible to add on other functions if desired.

During the fall, Urban ICT Arena and the Grow Smarter project group will take a look at how the two testbeds could connect and in what way that would create new possibilities for both of us and our respective partners. We also have good connections with the CENGEN testbed in Ottawa and are in discussions with them about if, and in that case how, we should connect/cooperate. These would be the first steps in the process to find out how it would be beneficial to connect and/or link testbeds and platforms together on a local, regional, national and global scale. The goal would be to create maximum value for everyone involved to become sustainable, broad and useful innovation tools.


Article written by Petra Dalunde