Futurion is a

think tank launched by TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees) and its 14 affiliated trade unions. Our mission is to engage and take a leading role in the ongoing discussion about work life in the future. In collaboration with others, we deliver insights on key challenges.

We’re a knowledge

hub and a future lab for anyone who wants to understand the Swedish labor market and the challenges we face in the globalized economy. Our method of operations focuses on dialogue and cooperation. We listen more than we talk – meaning that we provide platforms where different views can meet and various entities can exchange ideas.

We work in

close cooperation with the academic sector to make research and scientific results easier to understand. We like to think of the future in a positive way. We’re not sure, but we think it is going to be fantastic!

Futurion in Urban ICT Arena

Technological innovations have

always been shaping and affecting society. And now things are moving faster than ever. In a sense, the work life of tomorrow is already here. By being a partner of Urban ICT Arena, we will broaden our horizons, extending our network and deepening our understanding of what’s next.

We’re not sure,

but we think that understanding the Not Boring 5G Bike is one way of building a better understanding of what it takes to future-proof the Swedish workforce.

Our offer

We like sharing.

All other partners of Urban ICT Arena are welcome to our seminars, roundtable discussions and co-creation processes. Please sign up for our newsletter and invitations here!

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Article written by Petra Dalunde