Florence, AZ – Our New Associated Partner

Our new Associated Partner is located in the middle of the desert – and is one of the most interesting towns in the US. Florence inhabits 32.000 and is working hard with new approach to achieve great results as a smart city. 

Florence has a population of 32.000 people, and is located approximately 100 km south-east of Phoenix. The town is about to release an internal application for smart city management. The cloud-based software will support a whole array of Smart City technologies and devices, and once the servers are up and running, the town of Florence will be truly vendor-agnostic in that they’ll be able to select the best sensors and other equipment from almost any manufacturer. It will be compatible with the LoRaWAN they have deployed in the town. The sensors range from temperature, humidity, smart lightning, smart parking to agricultural (soil temperature, moisture, pH, nitrates), industrial gases, asset control, law enforcement and many, many others. Everything in one interface.

The interesting thing is that their infrastructure is designed to be nonproprietary, which means that they will be able to continue building on this platform as the technology evolves and their partners shifts. They have a partner in Milandr, out of Highlands Ranch Colorado. They provide the backbone of their smart city technologies, including equipment, sensors, research and development, cloudbased software, and dashboards.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

In addition to this, the town has taken many steps to further their vision of a Smart City. They have approved a contract for installation of an Advanced metering infrastructure system, in accordance with their mission to provide the most advanced and reliable service available to its utility customers. The Town of Florence expects that the AMI system will serve as a vital tool for achieving its vision as it moves forward. The AMI system is expected to provide information technology which will:

• Provide the Town of Florence customers with messages and timely utility information in the home or business, thereby empowering the Town of Florence residents and businesses to control utility usage, costs and advance “Green” initiatives.

• Significantly enhance service to Town of Florence customers, including improved billing accuracy, faster customer response and more efficient customer service, on-demand move-in / move-out remote meter reads and improved reliability.

• Improve the Town of Florence operational efficiency and reduce costs through reliable interval data from water meter reads for right-sizing programs, prompt notification of leaks, tampering, and theft.

This system will of course be linked to the smart city interface. And once the solution is implemented it will provide a cutting-edge Smart City platform that will provide flexibility, scalability, and migratability that will far exceed other single vender solutions.


So, how does this fit into Urban ICT Arena? We want to show our partners and associates how you can tackle the challenges of building a smart city in a different way. We are also interested in exchanging knowledge and experience.

For more information and contact info, visit the town’s official website.

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Article written by Klas Mattsson