Eli Technology

Eli Technology, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is an early stage company specializing in emergency services.

Sweden and Kista Science City
We recently established a Swedish entity. The reason why our establishment is because Sweden is a global leader in Public Safety. Since we have the ambition to develop world-leading solutions, we also need to develop in a world-leading environment. In Sweden there is also access to high competence and long experience in wireless technology and communication.

The contact with Kista Science City and Urban ICT Arena has offered a fantastic Soft-Landing right into the heart of the Swedish ICT industry. The contact with Urban ICT Arena can be developed even more. There is no open international co-creation arena for Public Safety anywhere in the world. Here we see the possibility of, together with Urban ICT Arena, creating the world’s first open 112 test bed for IP and mobile communication to which we can invite the world’s innovators to develop and demonstrate their solutions.

Challenges and Solutions
Mobile Location for 112 calling is the emergency number industry’s biggest challenge, especially indoor location. It has become a societal challenge as the world’s population becomes more mobile connected, live in increasingly bigger cities and in increasingly taller buildings.

To meet the global challenge we have developed a cost-effective, easy-to-implement and highly precise and carrier-independent system, built on an approved systemic patent (Jan 22), which helps the 112 operator to find the 112 caller within seconds and sends additionally detailed information to the first responder about the callers location, street address, floor number, apartment number, etc…

Contact: Hans Siljebäck, mob 0708-231028


Eli Technology is a Supporting Partner.

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