Eli Technology – New Supporting Partner

I’m in the Automagic City business, which – among many other things – means that digitalization and connectivity contribute to a safe public space. Today – still – it is the technology itself that is in focus and one result of this is that safety often comes into conflict with privacy since society doesn’t push the esteemed tech developers enough. 

This is why I am so particularly fond of our new Supporting Partner, Eli Technology with founder and CEO Peter Woodford at the helm, who has taken on the challenge and made the effort to create a win-win situation for citizens in the Kista 112 Development Center – a part of Urban ICT Arena.
Their software solution enables public safety, protects the privacy of the individual and does this within existing infrastructure and legislation. It has taken a lot of research, hard work, stubbornness, loads of altruistic value-driven interactions and development, expertise, knowledge and patience – but they made it through.

This should put a lot of pressure on policymakers as well as the rest of the tech society. Eli Technology is our good role model and, from now on, we should never settle for anything less than win-win-win!

Happy Holidays!
Petra Dalunde

Article written by Urban Arena