Discussing the Urban Drone Testbed

On Tuesday, representatives from several startups working with different services and applications using drones gathered for a workshop in the Urban ICT Arena. The reason for bringing the startups together in Kista was to discuss how an urban drone test bed could facilitate their business and what actors they like to see as part of the testbed – and what policies the testbed should work to put in place to make Sweden a frontrunner in using drone applications for sustainable cities – and thereby enhance the competitivenessof Swedish drone companies.

By involving the companies early in the process, we are able to identify key issues and ensure we build a testbed that is useful for different actors. By the end of June, a feasibility study will be completed, and the results will be incorporated into the application for a full scale urban drone testbed in Kista. Read more about the feasibility study and the urban drone testbed here.

Article written by Urban Arena