Digital sustainability goals

We work towards digital sustainability goals in Urban ICT Arena. Every project run in the open testbed has to be related to them. Though, there is no requirement that they all are fulfilled – yet. 🙂

We have noticed that when people relate their projects to these goals they tend to get a broader sense of what digitalization means and what results it can lead to in terms of possibilities/challenges/extra work/added value, and so on.

Digital sustainability

Describe how the project relates to (or not) the following digital sustainability criteria. Choose one or more perspectives below:


Describe the project’s approach to capabilities for different systems to interoperate and communicate with one another, both short and long term.

  • Does the project have an impact on organization and / or budget and is there support in the management for this?


Describe how the project relates to your own organization and what measures are being taken in this area globally today (world-wide surveillance).


Describe how it is possible to use the solution the project develops on a large scale.

Sustainable solution over time

  • How is it ensured that the solution – method, product or service – functions / fulfills its function over a long period of time?
  • In what way does the project contribute to development towards standardization?


Is it possible to implement technology in older existing infrastructure/equipment by replacing/adding parts istead of only focusing on new production? It is important to take this into account when relevant.

Transparency & Democracy

Infrastructure characterized by transparency relative to project participants, technologies and business models has greater potential for innovation, upscaling, diffusion and development.

  • How does the project promote open, horizontal infrastructure?
  • In what way does the project create conditions for an open and inclusive democratic society?


  • In what way is it ensured that there are no unjustified obstacles for different devices in the infrastructure to communicate with each other?
  • In what way is it ensured that the end user is enabled to use the solution and that it can be implemented/received smoothly?

Digital Security

As the members of our society are increasingly dependent on technology, it is crucial that everyone should feel safe and trust in the digital society.

  • How is it ensured that the solutions meet high standards of security?
  • How is protection of intangible assets and personal integrity promoted?
  • How does the project relate to the operational stage?
  • Has the GDPR been handled within the project frame?

Article written by Petra Dalunde

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