The County Administrative Board

supports and funds testbed in urban ict arena

Founding Partner

Stockholm County Administrative Board is the representative of the Swedish central government in the region and the coordinating body for government
activities in the county.

The County Administrative

Board has a broad area of responsibility, which includes the environment, nature, the labor market, skills sourcing, the business community, social development, animal protection, gender equality, integration, transport, infrastructure and housing.

The Board’s mission is

to coordinate these and other areas of public responsibility to create efficient solutions for a sustainable society in which economic development, the environment and social welfare are interlinked.

Another key task

of the Board is to ensure that the county’s citizens receive the level of service stipulated by the Swedish central government, that municipalities and companies comply with laws and regulations and that nationwide objectives adopted by the Swedish central government are met in Stockholm County.
Read more about the County Administrative Board here.

The ambitious vision,

Stockholm 2025, sees Stockholm as the world’s most innovation-driven economy. The Stockholm region accounts for a large and growing share of Sweden’s new businesses, population and added value. The region has broad industry representation with strong capacity for renewal and growth and is home to several internationally renowned universities.

When compared internationally,

the region is considered robust, successful and innovative. However, Stockholm is a relatively small region in a world of increasing global competition. The region faces a number of challenges. But when addressed the right way, these challenges can be the driving force for change and growth.

Actions within Urban ICT Arena

The Stockholm County Administrative Board’s interest in Urban ICT Arena is to provide the Stockholm region with an accessible testbed to promote innovation and research related to digitalization.
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Contributions to Urban ICT Arena

The funding from the Stockholm County Administrative Board enables the arena to develop a meeting place and seminar series for Project Owners and Partners and for communicating and showcasing project results.

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Article written by Petra Dalunde