Urban ICT Arena Administration

Chief Operating Officer
Petra Dalunde

+46 (0)70-4159209





Communication Manager
Naod Abera

+46 (0)76-9450299





Project Coordinator
Emma Karlsson

+46 (0) 72 017 40 89



Management intern
Quentin Lombardi






Visiting address

Borgarfjordsgatan 12, 164 55 Kista

Post box 1073, 164 25 Kista


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee of Urban ICT Arena comprises the COO and a representative from each Founding Partner. In addition, the Supporting Partners are entitled to jointly appoint two representatives to the Steering Committee for each year. Each representative has a mandate to make decisions within the scope of the Collaboration Agreement.
The CEO of the Electrum Foundation has appointed the COO as committee chair and she is also responsible for convening the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets at least twice a year. The responsibilities are to lay out strategic aims/objectives, contribute to meeting objectives, annually submit a proposed operational plan to the Board of the Electrum Foundation, prepare forms for evaluation and follow-up etc. and annually prepare a proposed budget and proposals for other financial necessities for the Board of the Electrum Foundation.

PetraHead of Steering Comittee
Petra Dalunde, Urban ICT Arena




Sandor Albrecht, Ericsson




CarlMikaelDufbergCarl-Mikael Dufberg, IBM




Stefan Carlson 2016Stefan Carlson, City of Stockholm




AndersBroberg_storAnders Broberg, Stokab




AndersBroberg_storPeter Sjödin, KTH




Uno Fors, DSV/SU




Claus Popp LarsenClaus Popp Larsen,  RISE ICT




karina-udden-foto-ulrika-djerw-200Karina Uddén, Stockholm County Administrative Board




karina-udden-foto-ulrika-djerw-200Ola Norén, ABB Sverige


Management Committee

Consists of the COO and the individuals deemed necessary by the COO for the operations of the arena. The Management Committee’s function is to serve as an operational co-creation hub.

Petra Dalunde, Urban ICT Arena

Anders Gavler, RISE ICT

Lena Strömberg, Conligo

Anders Broberg, Stokab

Tobias Degsell, Combiner

Agneta Jacobsson, Teyi

Rasmus Larsson, Äktafejk, SLAAK and Cubby’s Going Home

IT Infrastructure Committee

A wide range of different types of high-performance digital infrastructure is required to meet the needs of Urban ICT Arena Project Owners.
The IT Infrastructure Committee is to ensure collaboration, orderliness, ease of access, transparency and diversity.
The committee has collective general expertise in IT infrastructure, including vast knowledge in wireless communication (5G, mesh networks, WiFi etc.), wired communication (fiber) and the above logical service and communications layers.
Each Project Owner that provides IT infrastructure appoints a representative to the committee.
The committee processes all project plans that involve providing or using IT infrastructure in any way. The committee secures the IT infrastructure and assesses the degree of digital sustainability.
It meets a couple times per semester and the rest of its business is conducted digitally. It is responsible for Urban ICT Arena’s digital map of IT infrastructure.

Head of IT Infrastructure Committee
Anders Gavler, RISE ICT

Petra Dalunde, Urban ICT Arena

Nicolas Schrammar, Ericsson

Lars Falk, Ericsson

Anders Broberg, Stokab

Åke Sundin, S:t Erik Kommunikation AB

Björn Lindblom, Cyanconnode

Janette Palm, City of Stockholm

Theo Kanter, Data- och systemvetenskapliga institutionen, SU

Tore Björklund, Telia Company

Johan Falk, Intel IoT Lab

Peter Lo Curzio, Hexatronic

Staffan Liljestrand, Bumbee Labs

Helena Samsioe, Globhe

Brian McGuigan, Silverspring Networks

Maja Brisvall, Quantified Planet

Claus Popp Larsen, RISE ICT/Acreo


Communications Council

Well-planned and coordinated communications help boost the impact of Urban ICT Arena. A special communications platform has therefore been established. The communications platform aims to facilitate and promote joint communications within Urban ICT Arena as a whole and in individual projects conducted under the auspices of Urban ICT Arena.
Each Founding Partner is entitled to appoint one person to represent them on a joint communications council, which will prepare a joint communications plan annually, along with an activity plan and budget, and monitor and improve the plan on an ongoing basis. The COO, or another person at KSCAB appointed by the COO, serves as the chair of the Communications Council.
The Communications Council meets at least twice a year. The COO is responsible for convening the council.

Head of Communications Council
Naod Abera, Urban ICT Arena

Pia Stenervall, City of Stockholm

Marika Stålnacke, Ericsson

Uno Fors, DSV/SU

Arivan Tutal, Stockholm County Administrative Board

Ervin Alic, RISE


Article written by Petra Dalunde