City as a Platform (CaaP)

How can we create a smarter use of sensors in our cities?

Many cities in Sweden has started to use sensors and IoT-equipment in order to understand how data can be implemented in existing processes and practices to increase efficiency and productivity. The result of this has been different in every city, but the common factor is that no city has the technical or organisational tools to collect real-time data from different sources and share the data between different departments or providers.

The project has its base in a mini framework for a platform. Through the use of proof-of-concepts, the cities will develop this framework through common problems and challenges. The most important now is that the cities will use the same technical standards in order to work with the data and IoT in a much more scalable and structured way than what is currently done.

The project involves RISE, KTH, IVL, Mobile Heights, Luleå University of Technology, Urban ICT Arena, Hagström Consulting and SIS.

The participating municipalities are: Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Lund, Uppsala, Umeå, Skellefteå, Karlskrona, Kalmar and Hudiksvall.

Project plan

Every project in the Urban ICT Arena has a project plan where we make sure that our criterias and aims are fullfilled.
Download the CaaP project plan here! (pdf) In Swedish.

Article written by Klas Mattsson