Autopiloten – The future is getting closer

Photo by: Krstina Sahlén

For many years, Kista has been a focal point for innovative companies. That’s why it became obvious to start here. During Kista Mobility Week 2016, the most frequently asked question was: When will the autonomous vehicles be back?

We can now tell you that they are back! The official opening ceremony is planned to be the 24th of January 2018. Our hope is that as many people as possible take the opportunity to try to take a ride!

Autopiloten Kista is the first test in Sweden of autonomous vehicles on public roads and will be operating along Kistagången here in Kista Science City. Urban ICT Arena is very pleased that Autopiloten is a project in our testbed here in Kista Science City. In addition, the project is the first in the world with autonomous vehicles and 5G networks.

Kista Science City has been a gathering point for innovation for many years. That’s why it became obvious to start here. Kista is also home to some of the companies that collaborate with the Autopiloten project.

Autopiloten is the first step in the government’s initiative to create ‘In Real Labs’ for future travel and transport through Drive Sweden. Several different skills are needed to develop autonomous vehicles. The partners involved in the project have knowledge, interest in and the drive to participate in and develop the public transport of the future.

We hope that Autopiloten will raise interest and that all those who try the autonomous vehicles along Kistagången will get a glimpse of how the public transport of the future will look. And we welcome even more potential partner companies who see opportunities to develop future mobility solutions.


Two small buses with seats for twelve passengers will be in service on weekdays between 7 am and 6 pm from 24th of January 2018 . For the public, it will be free to travel, The route will be between Jan Stenbeck Torg and the Scandic Victoria Tower along Kistagången.

Autopiloten is the first step in the Swedish government’s initiative to create an ‘In Real Lab’ for future travel and transportation through industry organization Drive Sweden. Nobina is an active partner of Drive Sweden and the whole idea behind Drive Sweden is to create open Triple Helix collaboration between researchers, companies and the public sector.


Klövern, KTH, Urban ICT Arena, Ericsson, SJ

Article written by Naod Abera