Petra Dalunde

NotBoring – the method

OK so you are interested in our Not Boring method? Here we go!

The Automagic City

Hey, we are planning some things for 2018 around the concept of the Automagic City. And as a start we have written a manifesto for the Automagic City.
Check it out!

Digital sustainability goals

Digital sustainability goals

We work towards digital sustainability goals in Urban ICT Arena. Every project run in the open testbed has to be related to them. Though, there is no requirement that they all are fulfilled – yet. 🙂

Installation Week's coming up in May!

Installation Week’s coming up in May!

Do you want to install tech in the Urban ICT Arena testbed? Don’t miss your chance with RISE ICT/Acreo and Stokab during Installation Week from 8 to 12 May along Kistagången. Please email to sign up.

Reflections from a Not Boring workshop

Reflections from a Not Boring workshop

Gabriel Marawgeh “I thought I had to get the smartest shelves on the market but soon realized that the focus should instead be on how everything else around the shelves can be smart and compatible with the technology of today as well of tomorrow.”