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Kista is home to one of the leading ICT clusters in the world thanks to early triple helix collaboration plans, with academia, industry and the public sector joining forces in Kista and founding the Electrum Foundation. Together they invested in innovation, research and development in ICT technology.

The Electrum Foundation observed a structural transformation taking place in urban environments due to digitalization and realized that this creates new requirements for collaboration, innovation and development. This led to the creation of Urban ICT Arena, where Sweden will be futureproofed and Kista’s ICT cluster will grow stronger than ever with the help of several Not Boring Projects in an urban environment.


Our Three Aims

The three aims of Urban ICT Arena are developing sustainable cities, boosting innovation and securing the jobs of tomorrow. Read more about the specific project aims crafted to work Read more



Us + Partners

Urban ICT Arena consists of IT infrastructure display windows, meeting places, project databases and the projects and Project Owners. Urban ICT Arena also has several prominent, innovative Founding, Supporting Read more



The Foundation Group

The Electrum Foundation’s areas of focus are higher education in ICT, global growth and innovation. KSCAB’s focus is on encouraging strong collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector to ensure continuing growth for Kista Science City. STING supports Read more



Would you like to become a Partner or a Project Owner in Urban ICT Arena? Then we like you already!
Our partner programs are: Read more


Smart Specialization

We have set out three smart specializations to strenthen Kista.
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Article written by Petra Dalunde