6LoWPAN Itron

Itron is pleased to offer Project Owners of Urban ICT Arena access to both the SilverLink wireless IoT network and the SLV6 smart city platform. Both have been developed with open standards and flexible interfaces at their heart to maximize the cooperation and collaboration possible between everyone involved.


Silver Spring Networks enables the Internet of Important Things™ by reliably and securely connecting things that matter. Cities, utilities, and companies on five continents use the company’s cost-effective, high-performance IoTnetwork and data platform to operate more efficiently, get greener, and enable innovative services that can improve the lives of millions of people.

With almost 25 million devices connected globally, Silver Spring provides a proven standards-based platform, safeguarded with military grade security.

Designed to connect virtually any device across a city, potential applications include environmental sensors (air quality, noise etc), video analytics, intelligent street lighting, traffic management, energy and water metering, connection of renewables, remote sensors, smart parking, home energy management, Demand Response and many more. All this data can be made available in a single platform to ensure it enables the greatest innovation over time.

Our solutions are used in over 500 cities globally including Copenhagen, Paris, London, Bristol, San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Melbourne and Singapore.

Wi-SUN Network

A Wi-SUN network has been installed across the test area. Wi-SUN is the leading global outdoor mesh standard, enabling interoperability and ensuring a quality experience for both suppliers and consumers. It is optimised for IoT and critical infrastructure applications, enabling industry leading security and remote management features and 99%+ reliability. Wi-SUN is supported by over 100 leading companies including Cisco, Toshiba, NEC, SSN, Panasonic, Hitachi and many more. Learn more here.

SLV6 smart city platform

SLV6 is the leading open standard platform for city service management, enabling advanced remote monitoring and management of millions of devices, sensors and systems globally.

Its App based interface presents different tools to different users. such as city energy managers, lighting engineers, urban planners and data analysts.

Featuring open and flexible APIs for data access, analytics and visualisation, it provides city departments, solution providers, start ups and students the tools to extend the functionality of the system in new ways and optimise for the specific challenges of each city.

How to connect

The solution offers partners many different building blocks to create and test new smart city applications. These include connecting new sensor feeds across the wireless mesh network, or leveraging data from such sensors to drive analytics through new Apps in the smart city platform.

We will be publishing a complete guide for Urban ICT Arena users on the different aspects in the coming weeks, describing the APIs, development tools and off the shelf sensor options. In the meantime please get in touch to feed in your thoughts on the potential challenges or opportunities you think this would be well suited for.

Article written by Petra Dalunde