Ericsson is currently

building a Global 5G Proof of Concept (PoC) Network that will be available as an innovation platform. This network has coverage in Kista, which enables UICTA partners to explore their innovations with “5G” connectivity. At the moment, the network is built upon the very latest LTE technology, and over time technologies such as network slicing, NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) and NR-radio (New 5G radio) will be introduced in the network – some of the core concepts that will define the forthcoming 5G.

The idea behind

this project is to provide a dedicated network where users from academia, research, industry, operators and device partners, together with Ericsson, can elaborate 5G use cases in the latest LTE network already from a very early stage. The idea is to be as open as possible and by emphasizing the scenarios and use cases – encourage diversity and flexibility in the collaborations.

The network is

dedicated to this purpose and can thus be optimized depending on use cases and in this way provide better characteristics than any commercial network with the same features.

Project owner

The project is owned by Ericsson.
In 5G e2e PoC network we can jointly with Industries, Utilities, Operators and Academia discover and elaborate
• New Use cases
• Applications
• Services
• New devices
• Technology
• Network Concepts
• Business Models


Why 5G Proof of Concept Network


Figure 1: Today’s mobile networks are dominated by Mobile Broadband users like smartphones, tablet and PC users. Business Models, services and networks are therefore optimized for this usage.


Figure 2: Industries, like automotive, transport, logistics and utilities, manufacturing are on their transformation journey driven by ICT (Information and Communication Technology). We talk about Smart Cities, Automated Driving cars, Industry 4.0 etc.
This brings new challenges, but also new opportunities for all of us. We need to understand each other’s expectations, needs and requirements. What new Use Cases, Technology, Services, Networks and Business Models are needed to fulfill these new expectations?

We believe the best way forward is to explore this area together.


Contract terms for users of technical infrastructure
If an Urban ICT Arena project has an idea and want to try it out in the LTE/5G network with latest technology and concepts, please contact: Petra Dalunde
petra.dalunde@kista.com or Anders Gavler anders.gavler@ri.se and we can set up a meeting to talk about your idea / use case and see what requirements that puts on the network and what is needed to run your use cases.

Article written by Petra Dalunde