2G – Open 1800

The OPEN 1800 is infrastructure for development and education as well as small and medium-sized enterprises of various types. In the initial phase, it provides 2G technology for easy and low-threshold costs for “start right away” types of projects.

The enabler of the OPEN 1800 has been a unique feature for Sweden: the license exemption for mobile services. This exemption provided by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) enables small-scale business, tests and development based on standard GSM and LTE mobile phones and M2M/IoT devices. Sweden is the only market in the world that has provided license exemptions for spectrum as well as the Mobile Network Codes (MNC).

The infrastructure

The infrastructure is provided by VNL/Omoco network in box as a full standard GSM/SMS/E-GPRS radio network in a single box. This is referred to as “NIB”. The OPEN 1800 enables all sorts of verification of telephone and M2M/IoT services. At present, the GSM modules are much cheaper and easier to use than other cellular standards. All sorts of verification of services based on 2G/2.5G can be made within the test area. In a later phase, 4G/LTE can also be provided in the license-exempt testbed.

The Omoco platform’s highly flexible architecture and integration options allow any service provider such as a mobile operator, VoIP service provider or WISP to offer uninterrupted mobile coverage. Omoco is an all IP-platform that supports interfaces with service providers over standard interface protocols such as SIGTRAN or SIP/RTP.

Initially, the OPEN 1800 coverage will be focused in and around the Electrum building and Kistagången. The services will start at the November 28 inauguration. The contact person for external requests for business and technical innovation initiatives is Mats Nilson, Wireless@KTH.

The enablers

Three partners that complement each other collaborate to operate the service: Wireless@KTH, VNL/Omoco and WX3.

Wireless@KTH, the Center for Wireless Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, serves as coordinator and Project Owner. The infrastructure will be installed on the KTH Electrum premises in Kista and be a part of the overall IT infrastructure in the testbed. Wireless@KTH sees OPEN 1800 as a tool for education and research projects as well as a platform for verification innovations. Parts of these activities will be organized in close cooperation with Kista Mentorspace.

VNL is an Indian radio network developer and supplier. Omoco is the brand name used for systems adapted for smaller local or private usage. Omoco’s micro mobile network solution can be used by enterprises such as hospitals or care homes, universities, hotels, cruise ships, corporate campuses etc., to achieve guaranteed capacity and ubiquitous coverage.

WX3 is an IP, telephony and data service provider with offices in Kista. WX3 will contribute services and connections from the Open 1800 to the internet and telephone services.

Article written by Petra Dalunde